Letters & Emails from Elder Smith. Marshall has been called to serve in the Arizona Tempe Mission.

Letters and Emails from Elder Smith. Marshall has been called to serve in the Arizona Tempe Mission.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Email & Pictures

We didn't get to chat with Marshall on Christmas day, because there are too many missionaries in the MTC, but right after we hung up with his big brother, Elder Christian Smith, I checked our email, and there was a wonderful letter from Elder Marshall Smith and some pictures!  It was a wonderful Christmas day!- Debbie (proud mommy of Marshall)

25 December 2012

Merry Christmas!!!

The MTC is sooooo awesome.  I love every second of it!!  Our district is sooo much fun.  I'm not comps with Elder Kozak, but I hope that will happen in the feild.  My companion is Elder Kelley.  He is from the Seattle area.  Really good guy.

Today is Christmas!!  We got to hear from Russell M Nelson.  It was way tight. Tonight we get to watch Its a Wonderful Life.  I'm excited.

On Sunday we got to go on a temple walk.  The temple here is wayyyyy bank.  The grounds are soo beautiful especially with all the snow. 

I have learned so much about the gospel.  Its crazy how behind I was, but know I feel like a gospel genius...well not really.  I still have so much more to learn.  The spirit here at the MTC is amaaaaaazing.  24 hours of the day, 7 days a week.  I LOVE it.  I just want to go out to the field and let everyone know about the church!!!! 

Thanks for the package mom!!!  And tell the Withers thanks for their package! It was awesome!!!  But the pants that Mr Mac sent me were grey, not brown.  Oh well, they'll do. 

Tell people to write me!!  http://www.dearelder.com/ (this is the easiest way to write Marshall while he is in the MTC)  It sucks when everyone is getting letters all the time and im just sitting in the corner crying in sadness but saying, "No elders, its just the spirit getting to me, I'm so happy for all of you"  when really i want to gut punch all of them.  Okay well I'll email you on Friday too.  That's p day but we don't get it the first week.

The first pic is of my district, and the second is me and my companion!

Love you guys sooo much

Elder Marshall Smith

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