Letters & Emails from Elder Smith. Marshall has been called to serve in the Arizona Tempe Mission.

Letters and Emails from Elder Smith. Marshall has been called to serve in the Arizona Tempe Mission.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Desperately seeking mail!

21 January 2013


So things have been going pretty well.  We serve in Gilbert but live across a main street so technically we live in Mesa.  but the address I gave you is the one that we live at.  That is so exciting to hear about Jake and Tanner and Mason!! I'll keep my eyes out for Tanner!  Um so yeah we cover four wards but all those ward boundaries only cover two square miles.  So the area is really small and the Mormon population is pretty high.  Like every other person we seem to talk to is LDS which makes it kind of hard to contact new people but its all good.  The only problem with all the members is they only talk to their other LDS neighbors so they don't get to know their other neighbors and then they can't refer them or anything which is kind of a bummer.  

We have this one investigator that a bishop got us that is already ready to be baptized.  His date is Feb 2.  He had a really spiritual experience where he crashed his motorcycle in the woods late at night and was stuck under it for ten hours before anyone found him.  He said he remembers this one part where he was all of a sudden really peaceful and everything was like lit up and he said he had never felt so warm and peaceful ever.  And then the guy that found him was LDS and his name was Moroni.  Moroni gave him a blessing and the doctors said that they didnt think he would ever be able to walk again and now he is walking and doing great! So we just have to teach him the lessons and everything then he will be good to go.  Its awesome.  

Well we are at a members home since the library is closed because of MLK.  If I hadn't got to email I would have been really upset. Well I guess just let me know if anything cool or exciting is happening.  

I haven't gotten any mail so tell everyone that I am not happy with them.  


Elder Smith

Thursday, January 17, 2013

1st week in AZ...a little chilly

14 January 2012

Elder Wind & Elder Smith
Welllll it has been a fast and slow first week. Sometimes time flies and sometimes it seems as though I'm stuck in time.  Its weird. My trainer is Elder Wind.  He's from SLC area. He has been out for about a year now and is a great missionary and even better trainer.  I have been so blessed to have him help me and guide me in the beginning of this journey.  He's also district leader.  I am serving in the Gilbert 21 area.  I don't know where the Heidens lived but we cover four wards. Durango, Cornerstone, Bridlegate, and Cameron Ranch. All in the Gilbert Highland East Stake.  We don't really have any solid "gators" (investigators) because Elder Winds comp had to go home due to injury so he hasn't been in the area to do any finding. So that's basically what we have been doing this last week.  Talking to everyone we see and trying to set up appointments.  We have taught a few lessons but we never seem to get a return appt which is a real bum deal. Also its a bum deal because the weather has been record cold this last week.  Like last night we were riding home in 25 degrees.  Its been pretty chilly.  Luckily on of the ward mission leaders is a glove manufacturer so he hooked me up real nice like.  
Elder Kelley & Elder Smith

They call me Biggy Shawty on the block because I roll so fly on my brand new Trek 3700 which is a beaut.  Decked out with front and rear lights for saftey....AWWW YEAAAHHHHH. Lookin' Goodddd :) Its a really nice bike. 

I got "anti'd" as they call it.  I went up to this guy and started talking to him and he asked me if I had seen God.  Then it just went to a stupid conversation and I felt like I was trying to debate something with Kip.... so you know that conversation was going no where.  But the members down here are so nice.  

We get fed every night and last night we had big ol' fatty steaks and they were the bestttttttttt, and the night before I was on exchanges with Elder Dolney and some members took us out to eat. Also after Zone teaching on Tuesday a few elders and I went to Wendy's and some lady paid for all of us it was so nice of her.  But we live in an apartment with Elder Dolney and Elder Perez, they are the zone leaders.  Elder Perez is from Spain and has a funny accent.  He also just got dear john-ed on Monday and said he wants Kayla to write him so make sure she gets word of that. 

So overall its been a great week.  I love just getting out and talking to everyone.

Well I love you all and miss you!!

Elder Smith

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

First Area- Gilbert AZ

Just arriving to the Arizona Tempe Mission

9 January 2013

We received this email and pictures from the mission office yesterday.

Dear Brother and Sister Smith,

We wanted to let you know that your wonderful son arrived safely and looks great.  Attached you will find two pictures that we thought you might enjoy having: one is your missionary, and the other one is group of missionaries he arrived with to the Arizona Tempe Mission.

His address to send his mail and packages is: 2659 E. Desert Lane, Gilbert, AZ  85234

We are so pleased to have Elder Smith serving in this wonderful mission.  If you have any questions or if there is anything we can assist you with, please feel free to contact us anytime. 
Mission Pres and his lovely wife with the 13 missionaries that arrived with Elder Smith.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Last P-Day in the MTC and some fun pics

Getting in shape for the mission field.  He's going to be riding his new bike, ALOT!!
Doing the laundry...
5 January 2012


Our pday got moved to today because we had in field orientation yesterday! it was cool and we learned a lot about working with the ward and referrals and stuff.  It was cool.  And we got taught by some of the elders and sisters from the district.  So that was kind of cool. 

We fly out Monday morning like super early. Its exciting but also nerve racking.  I'm gonna miss everyone from my district but hopefully I'll get to see some of them over the next two years.  Um this week has been very similar to the last week.  Lots of free study time and lots of class time.  I lose track of the days because they all seem the same and all mesh together.  We didn't get to host any new missionaries but we got a new district in our zone.  I haven't really talked to any of them because they are in the rooms at the other end of the hall and they are all weird. Just kiddin'!  Elder K. has been talking in his sleep alot and its really weird and scary.  That is one thing i wont miss when we head to AZ. We get to go do a temple session today so I'm excited for that.  Everyone says the Provo temple is soo sick so I'm excited. And we have our last gym time today so that's poop-E.  Gym time is like the best time of the day, right behind studying for 6 hours and classroom instruction for another 6 hours.  I never get tired of that wonderful stuff.   

Well hopefully I'll have more to say once I get down to AZ!!  Love you and miss you all!!!!


Elder Smith

With his Zone Leaders.  

So cool!  He's going to need those sunglasses where he's going! I love how his ties are all hung up nicely!

The District and their wonderful teachers!