Letters & Emails from Elder Smith. Marshall has been called to serve in the Arizona Tempe Mission.

Letters and Emails from Elder Smith. Marshall has been called to serve in the Arizona Tempe Mission.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Last P-Day in the MTC and some fun pics

Getting in shape for the mission field.  He's going to be riding his new bike, ALOT!!
Doing the laundry...
5 January 2012


Our pday got moved to today because we had in field orientation yesterday! it was cool and we learned a lot about working with the ward and referrals and stuff.  It was cool.  And we got taught by some of the elders and sisters from the district.  So that was kind of cool. 

We fly out Monday morning like super early. Its exciting but also nerve racking.  I'm gonna miss everyone from my district but hopefully I'll get to see some of them over the next two years.  Um this week has been very similar to the last week.  Lots of free study time and lots of class time.  I lose track of the days because they all seem the same and all mesh together.  We didn't get to host any new missionaries but we got a new district in our zone.  I haven't really talked to any of them because they are in the rooms at the other end of the hall and they are all weird. Just kiddin'!  Elder K. has been talking in his sleep alot and its really weird and scary.  That is one thing i wont miss when we head to AZ. We get to go do a temple session today so I'm excited for that.  Everyone says the Provo temple is soo sick so I'm excited. And we have our last gym time today so that's poop-E.  Gym time is like the best time of the day, right behind studying for 6 hours and classroom instruction for another 6 hours.  I never get tired of that wonderful stuff.   

Well hopefully I'll have more to say once I get down to AZ!!  Love you and miss you all!!!!


Elder Smith

With his Zone Leaders.  

So cool!  He's going to need those sunglasses where he's going! I love how his ties are all hung up nicely!

The District and their wonderful teachers!

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