Letters & Emails from Elder Smith. Marshall has been called to serve in the Arizona Tempe Mission.

Letters and Emails from Elder Smith. Marshall has been called to serve in the Arizona Tempe Mission.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Transfer, Training, and District Leader...Goin' to YUMA!

I got this from a member the other day!  Happy Mommy!!

9 Sept 2013

Well we got transfer calls this morning.... I will be going to a new area and I will be serving the Lord and other missionaries as a district leader and will be training another new missionary at the same time. So white wash, district leader, trainer. Talk about fun...not so much. Well actually it is really fun once you get there and start working, but I am really nervous right now. White washing is kinda scurry to me. Along with that I don't really know how to be a district leader. I guess I will just FTS (follow the spirit) and do what I can to serve.

As for the investigators. Not a lot of progress except with one lady who we found this week. She was a referral from the visitors center. She is dating a member that is less active but wants to come back to activity. We called her on Wednesday and set up a lesson for Thursday night. We had to go on splits that night so Brother K.(WML) and I went and taught. She is a really kind lady. We extended the date of September 28th for baptism and she accepted. She has been reading to Book of Mormon. It is just neat to see how the Lord has prepared people already we just need to invite. 

As for everyone else it has been pretty slow and we have had a lot of cancellations this week. What can you do? It was still a good week though. 

That was pretty much all this week. As for the pictures, I would be ecstatic if you could put them back on a memory card and send them back :) But don't be doing that anytime soon because I dont know where I will be living. Yuma would be kind of fun. I wouldn't mind going back to Gilbert either. We will see and I will let you know next Monday.

I am excited for Hayden and all his med school business. Really exciting. And it sounds like Christian is adjusting well back to normal life :) Now it is time for him to get married :) I would like to be an uncle when I get home :) 

I love you all!! Sorry it is short!


Elder Smith

16 Sept 2013
Well so everything is going good in Yuma. We only cover one ward and the work is pretty much non existing. There are no investigators and no potential investigators. We are basically starting from scratch. But its whatever. Been doing a ton of street contacting. 

My comp is from Moore ID. Near Arco. He just graduated. He is doing good. Just tired all the time, which is understandable because it is a new way of life and very tiring. I remember it.

The size of Yuma is about 100,000. There are 6 sets of missionaries in actual Yuma and then another 5 sets around the area. Foothills and somerton and san luis. ask Gma and gpa about it. 

Sorry this email is so short, but we really don't have like anything going in the area right now. We are working on it. Mom I have a bday present I am trying to get mailed but with transfers and all it has been a little chaotic. Sorry!!

The blog you can keep updating but i will be doing fb. You can link the blog with your fb if you want but I probably wont be.

Good to hear that Hayd and Chris are working hard!! And yes my Spanish is  definitely getting tested everyday. 

As for K. I love that kid to death. I was praying at every transfer that I would get to be his comp. Please do keep him in your prayers. He taught me alot and I will def be hanging out with him after the mish. 

Well I love you all

Elder Smith

Still Havin' FUN!!

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