Letters & Emails from Elder Smith. Marshall has been called to serve in the Arizona Tempe Mission.

Letters and Emails from Elder Smith. Marshall has been called to serve in the Arizona Tempe Mission.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A few baptisms, a new area and look who's a trainer! It's Elder Smith 4.0

18 March 2013

Another week has flown by and I don't even know where the time has gone. We had another dinner with A. and the food was great and the family that came was great and the spirit from the lesson was great but she still wont commit to being baptized. She says she has a testimony of the church and that it is true but i cant imagine anyone has a real testimony and wont be baptized. i dont know. Just my thoughts. So she says not now. That was a bummer. I mean Holland says that when our investigators wont keep commitments or dont want to be baptized we will be devastated but i didn't feel that way until now. I want for her so much to be baptized because i know that she will be so much more happy with the fulness in her life. The fulness of this gospel brings eternal happiness that cant really be achieved anywhere else. We just don't know what else to do. So hopefully with time missionaries will be able to come back and she will be ready :)
Also this week D. had her third back surgery. She has to stop smoking by yesterday so I pray everyday that she will be able to stay off the cigs and prepare herself for baptism. Her son is doing great though. B. has such a strong testimony for a 10 year old boy and knows so much about the scriptures for only being in the church for 3 weeks now. It is amazing to see how the spirit can teach way better than any missionaries.
Right now we don't have any other investigators. We are searching everyday and trying to get the members help.
Elder D. (in our district) and I were on exchanges on Thursday and we were riding along and decided to play the trust game. its where you ride your bike next to each other and then grab the other persons handle bar with your close hand and then let go of your outside hand. Well so we got close together and grabbed each others handles and then let go of our outside hand. And to both of our surprise it didnt work at all. We ate asphalt. We were both okay though. Just a little scrape but both good. It was pretty funny. :)

Well that is all that has happened down here. It sounds like you are gonna have a brand new house by that time I get home :) One thing I dont miss is cleaning up Macys barf. That is so cool to hear about Masons call! EXCITING! And wish Kaylee luck for me!! Excitng to hear all the calls and everyone leaving.

Well I love you all and miss you dearly, but not enough to come home :)

Elder Smith 4.0 

25 March 2013
Sunday in Bridlegate ward the meeting was completely focused on missionary work. Elder DeGraw, Bro Ogburn (Ward Mission Leader), Bro Barren(Convert), and I spoke.  I spoke on member missionary work. There is a quote in Preach My Gospel from Joseph Smith that says, "The greatest and most important duty is to preach the gospel." I thought that was really cool because it is so simple and direct.
Oh yeah and transfers. So from 9 to 9:30 President makes calls for anyone that is going to be a new district leader, zone leader, AP or trainer. And then from 9:30 to 10:30 the AP's make the calls to the zl's and tell them who is going and who is staying. I live with the Zl's so i get all the news first hand. So I got a call at 9:15....I am training a new Elder. And I also got news that I am moving to a new area. So when you are training and moving it means you are also white washing. So yeah at 3 months out I am whitewash training. In my case they should call it yellow-wash training because I am peeing my pants!!! I AM SO NERVOUS. New elder and new area?!! AHHH I guess i am just going to do what ever i want because i don't know how the area does it and the new elder wont have many set ways yet. This is gonna be a fun transfer i guess. Make the most of it and do my very best. That is all i can do. I guess that's why i liked Kamiakin so much. Their motto fits me perfect, 'Be the best you can be' Thats what I am going to do.
So just tell me everything that is going on. I guess i care about everything. But i love hearing of everything that is going on!!

I love you all!!
Elder Smith 4.0

1 April 2013

Well this week didn't go as expected. I was supposed to be whitewash training but something happened to my comp in the MTC and he didn't make it down to AZ. So now I am in Maricopa with the elders that cover the wards I am going to cover. We are in a trio.  I was really worried at first because sometimes trios don't work out to well, but so far everything has been really good and we all get along great. I will be getting a new comp in about another week from the MTC. I am excited to be training but also nervous.
I don't really have much to report investigator wise because I don't know any of the investigators in the area yet. I did however get to go back to Gilbert on Saturday night and baptize D. The baptism went really well and I am excited for what the Lord has in store for her and her family.

So about emailing. You can go ahead and give it out. We have the same amount of time. I will write my email to you guys first and then any other time I have can go to everyone else. Not like that many people will write me anyways but that's okay.

Well I love you guys all and hope everything is going well in Kennewick!

Elder Smith 4.0

8 April 2013

So this week has been really good.  We got a referral on Monday that we went and taught on Thursday and he is on date to get baptized on the 27 of April. I'm really excited for him but a little bummed because he is not going to be in my area. Its okay though, as long as people are coming unto Christ it doesn't matter who teaches and whatever. Um we taught a lot of lessons this week and the work is really progressing in this area.  I'm supposed to be getting my new greenie this week on Wednesday. I'm excited to start training but also really nervous to take over part of the area and be taking the reigns in every situation. Should be a good learning opportunity for me.  It will really show me what i need to work and improve on. Umm what else happened this week. We had a baptismal interview for a lady the other elders had been teaching before i got here so that was cool.  Im just always excited for people to come unto Christ and get baptized. There really is no greater decision to be made. Its awesome.
Conference was really good. I really liked Quentin L Cooks talk on Saturday about preaching about Christ. He then went on to talk about how following Christs teachings will bring great peace into anyone's life. Then I thought about what Emma tells me, "Preach peace" really that is what I am trying to do. This message is completely centered on Jesus Christ and teaching others about Him will bring great peace. So that is exactly what i am to do. Preach Peace.
So yeah its been good around here. Just takin' it day by day working hard in the moment. Excited to get the new comp and take over the area. OH also i will be moving across town so i will be using a new address. it is   45175 W Cypress Ln, Maricopa 85139. The house is SUPER nice. 4 bedroom house for just me and another missionary. Its exciting. 
Well I hope Hayden paid close attention to L Whitney Claytons talk on what makes a successful marrige! HA! Actually Christian should probably make sure he rereads that talk in a few weeks! AHAH Well I love you guys and know that the church is true!

Elder Smith

15 April 2013

So the day has finally come when I get to go to the mission home and pick up the new greenie. Gosh it seems like transfers was just last week but really it was almost a month ago. Holy Cow time flies when you're in a trio.  Well we had another baptism this week. Although I only taught her once, no matter who it is there is always a special feeling at a baptism. This week kind of sucked for lessons.  I think we had about 20 lessons planned and fell through this week. It really become tiring when you plan and study for all these different lessons and then an hour before you go a call or text comes in saying that they are at work or not feeling well or just busy. It seems like everyone in the whole world is to busy. I hope that is something I never do. Become to 'busy' to fulfill a calling or something like that. 
We did have a few lessons though. We taught M. She started meeting with the missionaries a few months ago. Before that she was a practicing Jew.  Its amazing to see that now she has a belief in Jesus Christ.  She wants to be baptized but it will take some time considering all she is going through. She has been in a fair amount of surgeries in the last few months and is on a lot of meds and wants to get off them. The only problem is that to not take she meds she uses smoking as her crutch. She has cut back to about 2 cigs a day which is pretty good. She is the nicest lady though. She bought us a big box of otter pops that rocked! 
That is about all that is going on this week. In about 3 hours I will be senior comp and starting work in the new area. I think I was pretty blessed to get to have come to Maricopa and meet all the Ward Mission Leaders and everyone before I have to take over. My nerves have definitly calmed. Im really excited to train. I think it is going to be a wonderful experiance. The new house is super nice and big and awesome. I gave you the address in the last email and i hope there is some mail waiting for me ;) 

To Mason: Dude so exciting!! Ah you are gonna love the SLC mission. It is going to be like Gilbert here. Members everywhere and they will just give you money and buy you stuff all the time. I don't think i paid for a single fast food meal for three months i was in Gilbert!!

I love you all and hope all is going well!!

Elder Smith

Later that morning we got this email...

So Thursday we had Zone conference and President tld me my comp would be here today. Last night we moved a bunch of stuff to the new house and i found a ride into Tempe to get the new guy. literally an hour ago we got a call from the AP's saying he didn't come. So i will continue to be in a trio. :(
22 April 2013
Soooo this week has been good and bad. On Wednesday it was our Zone temple day so that is always a great way to start the day. The Mesa Temple is beautiful and always a good experience. Then right after that I went to the mission home and picked up Elder J. Finally. So we drove around Tempe getting him a bike and other supplies he didn't have. He is technically a greenie but kind of not. He served a trial mission in the Provo mission for two transfers. Then after that went through the MTC and now is here. President asked me to train him but there isn't a ton of training to do because he has already been in the field. But we still do training hour and go over some stuff. I mean we can all use the extra help. He is from Orem UT. He likes to program computers and take pictures of stuff. We don't have a ton in common so the house is kind of quiet at nights. Besides that I don't foresee any arguments so all should be good. He did get called to the Gilbert mission though so he will be transferred either this transfer or the next. That would be weird if it were this transfer because he would have only been in Copa for two weeks. We will see.
That was the good of the week. The bad is that the weekend was supposed to be packed with lessons but within the hour of the lesson each one cancelled. I think we had 6 lessons set up and they all fell through and then no one came to church.  This has to be the most draining work I have ever done. So the last few days we have spent a lot of time walking and talking to people. I think within the last three days we walked about 20 miles which is only because all of our lessons fell through. It happens though. Just gotta keep your head up and do all that you can. So yeah that was pretty much the week. 

We are going to go Lazer tagging today :) should be a good pday. Oh and what about Christian? When is he going to get married. Yesterday we were talking to this RM of about a month and we learned that he was engaged already. Then his fiancee walked up and he puts his arm around her like some sort of trophy and says," This is what you win.' she didn't look very happy. So don't do that Christian. haha i couldn't help but laugh.

Well I love you all and hope everything in Kennewick is going good!!

Elder Smith

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