Letters & Emails from Elder Smith. Marshall has been called to serve in the Arizona Tempe Mission.

Letters and Emails from Elder Smith. Marshall has been called to serve in the Arizona Tempe Mission.

Monday, July 22, 2013

We Keep It Poppin' Like a Needle in a New Balloon

22 July 2013

Well I haven't got the letter with the tweezers yet so I haven't heard what happened with the CRV! That looks crazy! I hope everyone is okay. Especially Brooklyn... and mom too :) Love you mom!!!

Well last week was pretty good. We have been teaching a lot of lessons because while we are tracting or street contacting we just start teaching adn people are usually willing to listen right on the spot and they have questions and stuff but when we try to set up appointments that is where the interest ends. Its weird.
Anyway so on Monday we were going to this house and there was a lizard on the door way arch thing but it was to high to grab so my instincts kicked in and i took my planner and threw it at the lizard and it came flying down in the air and i caught it and it was awesome. that was Monday's highlight. Tuesday was just tuesday. Wednesday we were walking to a few different houses and it is around 8:30 so it is dark and there arent any street lights in Maricopa because it just became an official city in 2008 and if its not a city there doesn't have to be street lights to it is really dark in the neighborhoods. So anyway we were walking and someone yelled at us but we looked around and couldn't see anyone and then they yelled again and we saw this big guy in the shadow smoking and he told us we needed some visibility. So we started talkin to him (his name is D.) and found out that he had this experience when he was younger that when he was leaving a bar a security guard came up to him and told him that he should leave and it would be in his best interest. so he left and then i guess something bad happened at the bar that night and D. told us that the security guard was Jesus. Interesting. Then he told us that he believed that with all the stem cell research going on that in the next 20 years people would be able to go to a Circle K and get a new heart for 20 bucks and be all better. Interesting guy. we have a lesson with him tomorrow. 

Thursday we had Zone Conference. We had training from the zls, the apes, and President and Sister Toone. They are from somewhere in UT. I think they have 8 kids. President is, as he says, "Five foot, twenty four inches." He is 7 feet tall. When we hug him its like hugging a tree. Crazy. But he is cool and chill and i think we are going to get along good. 

As for investigators N. is still good for the 27th. We sat down with his mom and addressed her concerns which was more that N. was just doing this for his gf. She is just worried that he is going to get baptized and then not follow through. Which I am glad that she is worried about that because hopefully she will push him to go to church functions and such. N's gf and family are coming down from UT for the baptism and the dad is doing the baptizing. gonna be awesome. 

That is pretty much it for this week. good week. Looks like mom and brooke had an adventure. looking forward to hearing about that. Love you all and hope you are doing wonderful!!


Elder Smith

15 July 2013

Whats goin on in the Tri Cities? Looks like you guys are having a ton of fun! The only downside for you is that AZ is way better!  Man working with Elder B. is so much fun and we work so well togethter that when we are teaching everything just flows. Contention really is Satan's way. I've noticed the difference when you go into a lesson with not the greatest of feelings toward your companion and the lesson is just ehh. But when you are on the same page and get along everything really does just flow and the spirit is there soooo much more strong.  We don't have a ton going on right now. 

N. is still looking good to get baptized on the 27th. His gf and her family are coming down for the baptism and her dad is going to do it. That should be really exciting. Aside from that we have been doing a ton of different finding ideas. We are organizing a church tour and made flyers and handouts and everything so hopefully that will be successful and there will be a good turn out. We also have been doing a fair amount of tracting. Not alot of people are outside right now considering it is 110+ almost everyday so we have been going to them. It has actually been going better than I thought. I like tracting :)

Yesterday I realized how cool it is to let your tongue be loosed and let the spirit direct what you say. David A Bednar gave a talk addressing worries about whether thoughts are of the spirit or not and he said, "Don't worry about it." That is something I am working on. We talked to a guy yesterday and taught him about the restoration. He brought up some concerns and without hesitation I just started talking not really knowing what I was saying and he totally understood and we scheduled another lesson with him. Super cool experience. I love being on a mission and seeing all these miracles happen all the time. I don't know how people live without the gospel in their lives. It truly is amazing.

 Well Im glad you all had an awesome week! I love you all!!!!


Elder Smith

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